Oak Nightstand Table Luna I

849,00 zł

Oak Nightstand Table Luna I

The nightstand made of solid oak wood is characterized by extraordinary durability and strength. It will find its use in any bedroom or children's room. On such a nightstand, there will be enough space for books or a bedside lamp.

Four long legs provide complete stability and allow for placing even heavy items on the nightstand. On the tabletop, there will be plenty of space for an alarm clock or various small items needed before bedtime or right after waking up. Below, there is a small compartment for tiny objects. In this place, they won't catch the eye too much, yet they will remain easily accessible at all times. Further down, there is a convenient drawer for personal items we don't want to show to anyone. The drawer can be opened with a handle in the form of a round hole, so protruding handles won't bother us.

The nightstand is made of natural solid oak wood. Due to this, complete color uniformity cannot be guaranteed, and the delivered product may differ slightly from the one shown in the pictures. However, oak has always been associated with elegance, and a different shade will only add uniqueness and additional character to the nightstand. Unlike cheap furniture made of wood-like boards, our nightstand is characterized by incredible durability.


The furniture consists of the main body, a drawer, and four screw-in legs.

Delivery time:

3-4 weeks; for special orders, please contact us by phone. It is possible to change the dimensions and prepare holes for your custom handles.

The product may slightly differ from the one shown in the picture due to the natural, unique wood structure.

Height58 cm
Depth35 cm
Długość46,5 cm
Wysokość wnęki8 cm
Wysokość szuflady10 cm
Wysokość nóżek35 cm